Maintenance Free Coatings For Concrete Floors

Concrete polishing is a multi-step procedure by which finely ground concrete is honed, polished, and ultimately cut into segments with bonded polyamine-coated abrasives to refine a concrete slab’s surface. This process is carried out with each successive cut to obtain a specified degree of look. Hence, it is important to carry out concrete polishing after every few cuts to maintain the floor’s original look.

concrete polishing

Polished concrete polishing has become an integral part of the concrete construction industry for numerous concrete surfaces. They are used mainly for driveways, pavement, garages, pool sides, and other such places. Concrete polishing not only enhances the aesthetic value of the product but also ensures durability, and reduces maintenance cost.

Concrete polishing is a three-step procedure to create finer and more accurate finish on concrete surfaces. The first step in this process is to remove the existing rough surface and then remove the loose gravels. The next step is to channel the newly chipped gravel away from the surface in a linear manner. This process ensures that no large gravels are left on the surface as it is removed evenly. The next stage is considered complete when all the gravels have been removed to leave a finer and smoother surface.

Due to the usage of shoes on concrete floors and due to the natural wearing off of concrete polishing is important. Shoe traction on concrete floors can spoil the overall shining of the floor. Hence, it is necessary to opt for proper and durable solutions to maintain the shine of your floor. It is best to install anti-slip mats at both entrance and exit of the garage in order to avoid unwanted shoe tread.

When it comes to selecting the concrete polishing grit size, it is advisable to go for a smaller-sized diamond because larger grit size can cause damage to polished concrete floor by scraping it when it is walked upon. Generally, the smallest diamond grit size can be utilized on a flat floor while larger grit size can be used on a mechanical ground. However, one should opt for the right-sized diamond grit size according to the floor traffic on the garage. Usually, a larger size of the diamond is required for heavy foot traffic on concrete floors. For small traffic on concrete polishing stones, a fine grit stone can be used.

The concrete polishing process is an easy process but maintenance is not. It requires regular cleaning as well as polishing to maintain its shiny look. Polished concrete floors are highly durable, but they are also prone to wear and tear due to foot traffic and chemicals present on the flooring. Regular cleaning of these floors will reduce the risk of getting damaged due to foot prints or chemicals.

A new concept has come up for maintenance-free coatings for concrete surfaces. These coatings resemble the look of marble or granite but are much cheaper. An additional advantage of this type of coating is that it is non-staining. Like marble or granite, the layer of non-staining coating is applied on the floor after being baked in an oven. Hence, a dull-looking floor can get a brand new sheen with the application of this coating.

Moreover, it is easy to apply these coatings as compared to maintaining polished concrete surfaces. All one has to do is mix a coating of sealer, grout, and a bonding agent along with grout and allow it to dry. One can directly apply the sealer after it is mixed and allowed to dry. If required, a thin layer of sealer can be added on top of the sealer and polished surfaces to add a glossy touch.